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NIACE LogoThis website has been designed to assist and support Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans community members in E safety.Although we are aware that everyone who accesses the internet may benefit from E safety information we are acutely aware that the World Wide Web may feel a relatively safe place for the LGBT community. Supported by the Forum we have developed a site that will provide information and access to other sites that can answer questions about sexuality, gender, relationships and internet language. Huntingdon Reginal College LogoThe internet can be one of the key ways that members of the LGBT community can find support and friendship, the anonymity of websites may also create a perceived level of security and privacy which is false. This site provides, tips, information and links which will help you stay safe online. Through no personal fault there are many risks for people who are LGBT or those who are part of the LGBT community, risks of homophobia, biphobia or Transphobia. This can vary from bullying; online, in the home, street, school, college or work, harassment and torment, right through to the more extreme end of the scale where people experience hate, abuse, violence and even murder.
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E posts or electronic posts relate to any method used to add data to cyberspace. This includes text messages, posts online, images uploaded to social media, audio and vid-eo similarly uploaded or sent to others. Read More..


It is the anti-social act of causing of interpersonal conflict and shock-value controversy online. Named for the wicked troll creatures of children's tales, trolling is purposely sowing hatred, bigotry, racism, misogyny, or bickering between others. Read More..

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Your digital footprint is everything that shows up when people search for
you online.
From images to comments and blog posts, this collective first impression can make or break your online reputation. Read More..